About us

The JURA PLUSSZ Ltd. was founded in 1993 by entirely private individuals. Based on the experience of many decades of the founders in the beginning the main activities were characterized by cold forming and machining. Since then by the means of constant investments the capacity and scale of activities of the company were continuously enlarged and in line with the strict specifications of the automotive industry more and more the outstanding quality came to the foreground. Since 2004 we also do laser-cutting and by the beginning of 2009 in the framework of a large investment we implemented fineblanking as a unique technology in the region. Through the cooperation with our partners we also have good experience in tool-construction, heat treatment and the increasingly popular surface treatment methods (Delta Protekt KL100, KTL, Zn-Ni) in the automotive industry.

Our own continuously expanding 3000 square metres of modern factory plant was established on our 23.000 square metres manufacturing site, meeting the latest internal and external market demands.

Our main strengths are the following:
- flexible adjustment to the demand of our customers
- high quality defined by ISO/TS 16949
- favourable prices
- suitable price/value proportion
- environmental based attitude according to ISO 14001
- financial stability
- ability for infrastructural expansion

The scope of our company:
- further increasing our portfolio of orders
- implementation of the latest technologies
- meeting the criteria of the quality and environmental management system
- keeping up with the continually increasing market demands
- continuous product and market development, diversification

During its operation the JURA PLUSSZ Ltd. has established a stable customer and a reliable supplier partnership. With upright economic results and environmental thinking we gained high recognition among our partners.

Since its foundation our company is committed to technological development and to long term improvement of the quality and quantity of our products. Continuous investments prove this ambition the success and necessity of which are supported by gained subsidies.

Our investments have a considerable positive effect not just on the improvement of our company but on the upturn of the region and after all on the whole country as well (growth of inland and local governmental revenues, improvement of the infrastructure, decreasing unemployment).